Catapult Your Home into the Future

Thanks to our partnership with award-winning tech leader Loxone, we can offer you the latest in smart home technology. From lighting to heating, security to energy management, there are solutions for every part of the home.

Smart tech is smart for a reason. While each individual technology offers fantastic, practical functions for your home, it is possible to connect them all to one central control hub. A well-designed system in a smart home allows the functions to work in sync, allowing you to sit back and marvel at the new possibilities right at your fingertips.

If you thought mobiles were clever already, think again! Connecting your smart devices to your smartphone is easy, and allows the automatic systems to be controlled manually when needed. We can also install switches within the home which control smart systems too, and are great for guests who won’t have access to your mobile device.

What Can a Smart Home Offer Me?


Detecting levels of light already in a room, smart lighting can dim or brighten itself to provide optimum comfort for your eyes and save on energy, too. It detects movement, so when you walk to the bathroom at night, it gently guides you without dazzling or blinding.

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Shading and Blinds

Loxone blinds look after themselves. They know both the time of day and the temperature, meaning that in summer, the rooms in your house won’t overheat, but in winter they will lock heat in your home by automatically closing as it gets dark.

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Your smart heating system will understand how you like your home, by learning and adapting. It can calculate, based on the number of people in the house, when heating should be turned on in order to hit the optimum temperature at the optimum time.

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Loxone’s smart security technology helps you to feel safe, and manage threats if they ever arise. For instance, if it detects an intruder, it will turn on audio at full volume, flash the lights and open the blinds to expose the intruder, and let your neighbours know there’s a problem.

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Loxone’s energy solutions are efficient; they save you money by turning off devices on standby when they aren’t required. If you have solar panels, they can direct this energy to specific devices, or your car-charging port.

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Smart speaker systems are endlessly useful; they allow you to wake up to your favourite song in the morning and even link up to your home’s doorbell so it can be heard in the necessary rooms.

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There's More...

Electricc also offers a range of standalone technologies for your home or business. These include Nest, Hive, Ring, Phillips Hue, Netgear Arlo, smart locks, smart CCTV, smart lighting, audio and speaker systems, integrated media centres and many more.

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